A Bird & A Fish


Abirdafishweb HERE IT IS……..the first page in my new journal.  Which now HAS a title, however, I am going to work on the front of the journal & the title page now over the next few days, so that will be my next post.
I worked up this page using old music & an old flower encyclopedia from 1903 as background.  I used pages & pages of old B & W line drawings of flowers & old sheet music between them, just layering them until I was happy with the combination.  I used a Basic Grey paper from their Motifica range for the water & ‘washed’ it over with a glaze made from Golden Acrylic Medium, Moon Glow & Golden Heavy Bodied Acrylic.  I created a palette from Golden’s Green Gold (my fav.); Raw Umber, Titan Buff, Cobalt Teal, Terre Verte Hue & Cerulean Blue, Chromium (using Golden Acrylic Medium to ‘dilute’ them & maintain a ‘washy’ look).   When they had dried, I added the fish & some heart Buttonswebstencilling from some ‘sequin waste’ in various colours scattered around.  After that, I have used several other stamps to ‘build’ the intricacy of the background in light colours, so as not to impose on the main theme.  THEN I attempted to add my bird via a gel transfer. The old paper didn’t take the paints & mediums too well & the first time, I tore away more paper than I left I think!  I found myself doing little ‘repairs’ in the form of ‘painty bits’ along the way.  The second try was better than the first & I am happy overall with the result.

I recently discovered these gorgeous covered buttons from K & Company…..I thought I’d scan them before I took it apart ‘cos they are just so luscious all on the card together.  I have had the name ‘Mrs Bouquet’ in my inspiration box for the past couple of weeks & I think these buttons are going to inspire me to my next page in my new journal & Mrs. Bouquet will have a starring role!


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  1. I just a set too! Can’t wait to see what yu do with them. I was thinking I’d cut the shank off and glue them to lacy;s stiff stuff and bead around them. Still in the thinking stage.

  2. Keron -as always your work is exceptional! Absolutely beautiful and inspiring! By the way I love both your pics and your techniques. Your poll won’t let me choose both. Marva

  3. Keron, this is lovely — both the imagery and the colors. I always enjoy reading about the creative process, so thanks for including this information, which makes one appreciate the result all the more.
    I’ve done b&w transfers, but never ones in color (or did you color in the bird?). Is the technique any different? (I do both acrylic medium transfers and water transfers onto paper and fabric.)

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