Something Delicious


Miss_potter_something_delicious‘There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story.  You can never quite tell…… where they’ll take you.’ said Beatrix in the opening lines of the film Miss Potter, released on DVD this week.  Having been unwell all week, DH has sweetly furnished me with new DVD’s to fill some of the hours between naps, but when I have not really feeling well enough to get up off the couch.  Miss Potter was one of them.   This perfectly describes how I feel about a new art journal.  It is delicious……. it is like the start of a holiday, the beginning of a new year, fresh spring growth & home baked bread. 

Something_deliciousI have just finished making a new art journal, the pages are made from the beautiful cold pressed Fabriano Artisto watercolour paper & I have bound it with a thick linen thread.  The covers are made with thick chipboard, & I have used an interesting wallpaper to cover them.  (I have found that the ‘scrapbooking type’ paper I used for the last one has not really gone the distance)  The end papers are a lovely textured chocolate paper I got when my gorgeous local End_papersbookbinder closed down (Norbett I MISS you!)….. I haven’t filled my ‘A Time in My Life’ journal yet, however it is quite large format (an open spread is 22"wide x 10" high) & I don’t always want to work on something quite so big.   Sometimes it is daunting to fill SUCH a big page, & sometimes I just don’t have enough material or imagination to go around!  There are times, however, I need PLENTY of space to spread out,  it is perfect………I like having the option to work in various sized formats depending on how I feel at the time.   It free’s me up creatively.

StitchingJust for a different perspective, I have decided to create this journal in portrait format.  I haven’t done one like this before & I am not sure how that shape will be for layout………… but hey…… I’ll give it a go.  You will notice, upon closer inspection that my stitching is a bit uneven….. I aspire to the ‘perfect coptic’ stitching, but in reality, I usually end up with an ‘organic’ Keron variety of it.  Not quite even, not quite the same.  Still, it is strong & stands the test of time AND world travel (the last one travelled for 12 months around the globe) You may notice the ‘ends’ of the thread hanging, I like to leave them to tie charms or ‘bits’ to once the journal is completed.

SO, a new book has been created………The pages are 8" square & AS yet, it is unnamed, (I tend to dither a bit over the titles)…….. but now to the fun part…….. I am starting with a piece about ‘a bird & a fish falling in love’ …I have some great bird stamps & papers that I have been acumulating & some gorgeous fish graphics I think would make good gel transfers….. I have had this rolling around in my head for a few weeks A_respectable_tradenow because of a book I read while I was away at Hillsong called ‘A Respectable Trade’ by Phillipa Gregory.  It is an historic novel set in the time of slave trading in Bristol & a white woman & an African slave fall in love.  There is NO WHERE for their love to exist, in his world (IF he could ever return to it) or in hers (IF she could ever escape from it).   I heard alot of info about slave trading & injustice in Ugandia & across the world in general at the conference and of course the film AMAZING GRACE, (the story of the life of abolitionist, William Wilberforce) is about to be released here in Oz, so it is all very topical for me right now.  I am off to the studio……. an hope to have something to post soon.


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  1. Phillipa Gregory…. I think I’m reading one of hers at the moment! I know, concentrate girl! I forget authors names so quickly – she’s written the “Boleyn” series? About Henry and his 8 wives? Love her anyway!!!
    I’m just reading your blog for the first time – really enjoying it too!

  2. Thanks for mentioning this book – I shall look out for it. I was born in Bristol and suspect some of my ancestors were involved in the slave trade – further investigation may reveal all!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your work. There’s something very special, isn’t there, about creating your own journal? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use a store-bought one again for this very personal purpose.
    I also loved the pieces you created with the catalog cards. This is a wonderful project, and I wish I’d known about soon enough to have gotten some cards of my own.

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