Unwrapping Time


Unwrapping_time_merge_web This was another of my previously prepared backgrounds……I painted the whole page with ferrous paint & then puddled rusting solution on the page.  I have done some other stuff using this technique that I have been really happy with, however I wasn’t too keen on the ‘rivers’ it made because it didn’t look very realistic for the types of crystaline formation that rust typically makes.  I stamped over the background using the gorgeous new stamps from Green Pepper Press called Juliet (a sheet of flourishes) – in Indian Ink.  You don’t see them very well in the scan, but they add a nice dimension to the actual page.  They are lightly stamped in & over the black & rusted sections.  Gradually I worked up the imagery with Lumier’s H2O’s, oil pastels, waxes & paints, I was pretty happy with how it was coming together.  THEN I decided to do some text on acetate & attach it with Ultra Glue.  Usually on a coloured page, this doesn’t show up, but on the black & rust, it is really prominent.  This was a bit of a disappointing finish……

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