Roman_antiquities_web Today, I worked in my ‘A Time in My Life’ Journal…….. & worked on 2 pages.  The scan is a bit dodgy because it is rather textural & it hasn’t come up too well, you particularly don’t get a clear indication of the ‘gel transfer’ icons which are done over book binding gause & look like little mosaics.  These pages have literally been 6 months in the making.  About that long ago, going through a bit of a ‘flat spot’ in my creativity cycle I thought that I’d work up some backgrounds for future use.  I did about 4 double fold pages, using various methods, colours & papers.  What I have found on reflection is that it is hard for me to work from a background forward.  I have recognized that my original inspiration to create a piece of work comes from some visual inspiration &that I work from an image back.  It sounds silly, because you can’t ‘ground’ an image as well if you stick it on to a blank piece of paper/card first, and then try to work it in – and I don’t…… some degree my art ALWAYS evolves as it goes along…..(usually to cover up something that I muck up!) …….but I need to at least have a perception of the end from the beginning. 

So here I am 2/3rds of the way through this Journal project, with these 4 backgrounds – STILL waiting for inspiration: in the middle of the book!!  This background had been painted with Raw Sienna, Rich Gold wax with the aforementioned gause integrated in the painted surface.  A few months ago, I added one of Mary’s Antique maps to start with & some tear aways of Brunelleschi’s drawings of Florence’s famous Bascilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (The Church of St Maria of the Flowers), but wasn’t sure what to do with it next………….before I went interstate, I added iconic gel transfers, but it still wasn’t ‘tied together enough’……….THEN a great parcel arrived in the mail while I was sick from my new art friend in Italy……Paola……………SHE sent me the perfect imagary in the form of some mosaics that were perfect to finish off the page.  I have used crayons, inks & wax to work it in together.  Though it has been a long time coming,  I am happy enough with the finished result.  I will post the next one tomorrow.

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