Online Workshop progress


String_original_card_web This flu has really put a dampner on my String_w_crayons_3_2creativity………I am plodding along to catch up my online workshop  lessons.  This one was using string.  I was a bit off base from the original instructions, as I painted the string with gesso first, coloured it with crayons and THEN tied it on the card.  The original method was to tie the string on first & apply images later, however it restricted you somewhat to small images.  I had this whole ‘heart strings’ thing happening in my head, so it worked out better for me to do it this way.  The first pic is my image (from an old theatre program) on the background of paper with text.  I wrapped the string around a coathanger, & then painted it.  AND YES……….THAT is my BEAUTIFUL new Caran d Ache water soluable crayons, which I am looking forward to exploring some more when I feel a bit better.  The other ATC’s for this lesson were using phone book pages as background (I didn’t have one so I used a dictionary) and using tissue paper.  On my tissue paper collage I used vintage maps and a magazine ad, which I coloured up using my new crayons.Lesson_4_web

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