9/11 project summary & requests


Aftermath_reuters_11 Aftermathreuters_10 thanks for your encouragement & support for this project.  Below is a list of the things that I am looking for, so if you have access to anything, or are able to help, please use the link to email me.

I am looking for:


·        Any narratives or writings, annecdotes about 9/11…….by anyone – man woman or child

·        Constitution, declaration of independence, in any graphic form

·        Newspaper cuttings, newsletters, reports, text, etc


(Please Note: Originals of images are preferable if possible, but if not, to be able to be used, anything that you send copies of, needs to be a full colour lazar print, even if it is a black & white image or text.  Thanks so much of taking care of this detail.)

·        Any imagery of anything 9/11 related: even if it is only in a holistic sense of being patriotic or being about/from NY.

·        Postage stamps, postmarked envelopes from 9/11,

·        Imagery of the Airports involved

·        Imagery of the Pentagon

·        Imagery of AA Planes

·        Maps, tourist info pre: 9/11 and post 9/11

·        Pictures, maps of Ground Zero

·        Any image that the towers appear in…..new or old from any source

·        I am really keen to get some ‘worn’ looking PATRIOTIC papers (but it doesn’t REALLY have to be old, I don’t mind new stuff with a ‘Basic Grey’™/worn feel about it.) 




threads, ribbons, stickers, rub-ons, words, embellishments (worn old style)……deep red instead of bright tones.

·        Military bits & bobs, buttons, pins, buckles, ephemera, papers, etc


·        Cotton flags (not man made material please) of small stature.

·        100% cotton quilting fabrics with flags, stars & stripes, etc

·        Metal ‘bits’………fireman’s/police buttons, buckles, badges, etc

·        Small wooden pieces

·        Buttons

·        ANYTHING that you feel is relevant & is safe to mail DON’T HESITATE……. send it, I will see what I can do with it.


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