A first birthday discovery – Cake


Harbour_bridgeI am back from my Sydney trip to Hillsong Conference & have not really had much inspiration to be creating for the last few days, busy with other things.  Sydney was lovely, and it was a bit of warmth which was good for me.  The venue at Homebush is fabulous, but wow….it is SO far from everything else you might want to do in Sydney.  We had a day & a half before the conference started to look around………I visited with Judy from Red Velvet, discovered some gorgeous little shops & a fabulous ‘flea market’ in Rozelle, and went to the Sydney Markets.


I arrived back JUST in time for Princess ‘L’s first birthday party (pictured here, clapping as we sang to her)…..below…..she is working out what to do with the yummy looking thing that has been poked in her face………..the last two pictures we staged, after she did that exact thing all by herself….which was hilliarious, then we tried to get her to do it again so we could capture it.  It was SOOOOOO funny.  Mmmmm…..I know what to do with cake Mummy!!!!




Like returning from any trip, there’s the domestic joys of unpacking, cleaning & sorting….fun, fun, fun…….and now the dreaded lurgy has returned (as punishment for being away) I am WAY WAY behind with my online workshop, so now am trying to get to that.  These are my next series of background techniques.  The first one is made from blending 3 different magazine images by weaving strips together….below is the original two images & the background I painted just incase any Lesson_3_finished_atcs_webof the background Swimming_against_the_current_webOriginal_child_image_webwasn’t covered.  The next one is made by layering gesso over a magazine picture. & the third one is made over the ‘chemical’ print removal techniques I did a few weeks ago.  This one was made with windex.


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  1. Sounds like the rest of your trip was great. Thanks again for popping in and all those amazing goodies you got me – now I am obsessed with langridge products – lol.
    Keep well and regards.

  2. You are such a clever girl!! Great ideas, love the new ATC’s!! You’re an even better Nonna – Princess L looks SO gorgeous!! How about posting us all a slice of that cake?!! LOL

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