Life in a Hurry


A LITTLE PRINCESS IS TURNING ONE T Present_time HIS WEEK………….That A_little_pinny_2Apples_overalls_3A_first_fitting_4year has gone in a blink!  We called her ‘Princess Teeny Weeny’ ‘cos she was SOOO little! Talking_with_grandad_web_3  I have been creating this week for princess Eleanor Grace   …….flock velvet overalls, a little pinny for my budding art pal & a little knitted teddy I called Nelson as ‘Mum’ specifically requested a ‘useable gift’ not a precious present……all for a little princess who now lives life in a hurry & is about to turn ONE…….ONE??????  Where did THAT year of my life go????  You will notice that ALL of these pics are blurry……….she lives life in a flurry, walking & waving & clapping & dancing…… the 60 shots I have taken in three different settings today, this was the best of Nelson_2them, they are all blurry…………it is how life has been the last couple of days.  I am unexpectedly off interstate for about 10 days…….I hope to be able to post remotely, but that didn’t work at Christmas when I went to Tassie, so we’ll see how that goes.  I am hoping to catch up with the lovely Judy from Red Velvet  & touch base with her about our respective new projects.  I can’t take much with me in the way of art materials (I am flying) I have – watercolours & sketching with me & some research for 9/11 so I expect it won’t be an overly artful week, but a great time regardless.


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