Mountain_web OH MY GOODNESS…..I climbed a mountain to create this page in my altered dictionary…… and yes ironically……. MOUNTAIN IS the word on the page… I started out with my lonely looking mountain goat with the intention of using some topographical maps, acrylics & the image to create a kind of isolated ‘lonely’ looking page denoting the isolated areas that one might find a ‘moutain goat’  I did it in warm soft grey hues & was happy with how it was evolving, then clever me comes across a poem a dear friend of mine wrote a while ago & gave me to ‘do something with’. The poem was all about feeling isolated & alone through hardships & how God was there to walk through them with you. So then (as I hadn’t found any topographical maps in my stash) I thought it could be a metaphorical mountain, equating life challenges to mountains……..not that big a stretch…….. So I did a bit of work on some ‘hand’ studies wanting to perhaps integrate an inked drawing of hands under the poem to signify the hand of God.  I had trouble writing clearly over my ‘cocktail’ of mixed media that lay underneath, it started out fine, but then deteriorated to a very poor impression that was bearly legible.  Then I had the ‘clever’ idea to type it out, glaze it & stick it on.  I did all that & it looked terrible.  by the time I decided that I didn’t like it…..the pieces I added had become stuck fast!!!!  WHAT A MESS………….nothing for it………more paper…….more paint………this is how I reworked it, I needed colour to cover my ‘sins’ & the poor goat was becoming more obscure by the minute.  In drying of the new paper & paint layers with the hair drying the image all bubbled off……..YEAH………. definitely not in the Mona Lisa stakes this one!


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