Caravaggio Colour Wheel


Carravaggio_colour_wheel_web This is really NOTHING like a work from Caravaggio, however, I have called it this because it has that deep dark background & shadowing of vibrant colours that he was so famous for.  It is quite a layered piece incorporating acrylic paints, oil pastels, sprayed gold webbing & soft chalks.  My original idea was to do the colour wheel in the centre & do pears around it, however I didn’t find that worked with this shape of page very well.  This is in my big ‘Time of my Life’ journal so it is 22” across (11′ each page) x 9′ high.  First I laid down the acrylic paints to give the colour a good body.  Then I worked the pears up by dry brushing more acrylic colour on, & filling it & blending in oil pastels.  I use Sennelier oil pastels I am in love with them………..what more can I say????? LOL!!!  I only found out recently that apparently they were originally developed in collaboration with Picasso in the 1940’s. There are 2 types a small ‘crayon’ size & a 4" long x 1" round ‘stick’ of oil – they are just delicious, they have fabulous colours, rich pigments, cover well & they say they have good lightfastness (I haven’t been using them long enough to judge that). Once you are working it in, it can be thinned with turpentine and worked with a brush (if you are that clever, I much prefer to use my fingers, although they are really starting to show gorey signs of this regular abuse!). They are acid-free and can be applied to any surface: paper, canvas, wood or metal.  NO, this not an ad……….it’s just that often you see materials in art shops & don’t know what they’ll be like…….and I don’t know about you, but 1 of ANYTHING that has a colour range just doesn’t work for me………so then it costs a bit just to ‘try’ something. I did use cheaper ones earlier, however they are like night & day between those & the Sennelier ones.  I have been using these for about a year now & they are FIRMLY established in my ‘mixed media’ tool box. 


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  1. Dear Keron,
    I love your new page, especially the colours and the shading. The best thing is that I get the privilege of seeing your work ‘in the flesh’!! then it really somes to life!
    Looking forward to more arting in the near future!
    Love Lynne xo

  2. Using those gorgeous soft creamy sennelier oil pastels makes me feel like a Real Artist. How do you dry yours? They make a terrible mess in my sketch books and never seem to dry out.

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