Strong JUNK


I know I am being a bit overwhelmingly prolific at the moment………..I have SOOOOO much art in me right now……….I can’t sleep…………YES, it’s true………..I have a problem………These are more dictionary pages, from my altered dictionary……I guess it is hard to see a piece like this and not take it politically, but it is not meant to be provocative in a negative way, it is just meant to acknowledge that we as woman have things to say.Strong_page_web As a REAL WOMAN……..I have lots of things to say……..LOL!! (& they are not always good!…..TELL ME WHY, they can’t have a ‘speeding’ lane & a ‘slow’ lane???????????)

My next page is a bit of fun……..playing on the word JUNK……The background text reads….‘There is not a rational answer that explains my intrinsic love for all things that are old.  There is some OLD that is not of any value to me.  However it is the old that I grew up with, that are the things that really don’t seem all that old to me.  Things from the 1970’s are in vogue now & every one thinks they are fabulous.  To me they just look dowdy.  I want old that reminds me of my grandparents & in particular of my Nan.  She was the part of my choldhoold that made me feel safe, loved & warm.  Things that remind me of her, give me that sensation, even as an adult.  Things that have survived from the 1930’s in partcular…………it was her time……..’Junk_web


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  1. absolutely AMAZING and empowering. I especially love the first one. I agree with it. I have a lot to say too, and art is a way I found to say it! Thank you for sharing this! šŸ™‚ Lia

  2. Keron, there is no end to your talent, I love these 2 pages, the colour, the idea and words, the images are fantastic, the way you have applied the paint, cannot wait to see the real thing. H’s & K’s Jenene

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