Speaking of Altered Books


In one of my online groups there has been alot of chatter about Altered books lately, & I haven’t added ANYTHING to my ‘altered dictionary’ & I thought it was time to dust it off & work in it…… so I have added the so new word pages in the last couple of days….I think I am going to title my dictionary ‘Life in Meanings’………I’m still thinking on that one……….I have kinda abandoned the ‘word’ idea for my Vessel_web next journal because I have my altered dictionary on the go, which is a visual representation of words & the thoughts & feelings they evoke……….. & I also have an ‘atc album’ in transit which is all about quotes……..and although (in the ‘words’ of Kelsey) I am a wordy person, I think that 2 things on the go at one time about words & quotes is probably enough.  I will run out of words!!!! (Lynne – it is 1 am & I haven’t used all my word count up for the day so I am using them up on my sweet blog readers)……….a piece of useless infomation……….on average men speak 12,000 words a day…….women speak 28,000!!!!!!
The scanner saga eventually ended amicably with a different model….(sadly though, with no discount)…..so here are some scans of new work. (I will probably go back sometime in the next week and re-scan the stuff from a couple of weeks back, but this is all for tonight)……..’VESSEL’ – YES, I (me, myself, I…..) did the drawings……. and I am VERY PROUD of that…….bit of a botch trying to add white ‘light’ bits, however that was more about not being able to find something to happily go over the dense graphic shading on the fragile music paper which they are drawn on.  I have used pencil & ink over old music (which presented it’s own challenges)…….the text (table) is old pages from a children’s encyclopedia explaining pottery, & the background is from one of my fav.paper paper brands – Basic Grey – from the Dasher range called Tree Skirt.  It is a Christmas range, however I love the colour of it so I don’t care. 
Orange_2_web The next word is ORANGE…..I snaffled this picture from Abby…….it was love at first sight & I HAD to include it somewhere….I was about to cut out a photo I took in a client’s garden last week when….FRESH from the success of my ‘vessel’ drawing I thought I would give some drawing some oranges a go……….now bad, not bad at all!  The next word was contemplate.  This image has been sitting at the top of a pile of images I have been tearing out of old magazines for filing at the door of my studio for the last couple of days…….. she was speaking to me but I couldn’t hear what she was saying!!  A friend was over tonight & commented on the image & I said yes, she is beautful…….. so ……. (looking for a word)Contemplate_web contemplative…….. & then I knew where she was to go!   As a matter of interest…… the ‘to adorn her’ was born the same way, the ‘elephant’ image was on the top of the same pile!

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  1. Hi Keron – just thought I’d say Hi — love your altered dictionary, “contemplative” is especially eye-catching – such great colours adn elements….

  2. All of these pages are great Keron, love the whole idea of altering a dictionary this way…..may just have to do one too instead of ripping out all the pages for definitions for ATC’s!

  3. I love your dictionary pages! I have been wanting to do something with an old book like a dictionary, journal or maybe text book. The dictionary is a great idea!

  4. Excellent, I never thought of altering a dictionary but you have a ‘golden’ touch. I will check back to see more, please, more. love it.

  5. You can draw You can draw YOU CAN DRAW.
    Talk about all round artist, You talented lady. Love all your altered pages. Love Jenene x

  6. I love all these pages… love the drawings and “wall” in Vessel; love the window and the drawn oranges; and love the picture in Contemplate. You told me you couldn’t draw!!!! You must have been teasing! These are great!

  7. Good afternoon. I found your blog through the signature line on a message posted on one of the group boards. Love your work – your colour choices are spectacular.
    May I link you?

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