To Adorn Her


WELLLLLLLLL……..I have the new scanner & what a disappointment……..I don’t care that I saved $150, I want my money back!!!  It will be returning from whence it came…….THIS MORNING!  Here is an INCREDIBLY bad scan (I almost miss my luminous line!) of my latest art journal page.  This is my big journal (pages are 11" wide x 10" high…….so spread is 22" wide)……..NOTE TO SELF: make sure the NEXT journal you make fits on an A4 scanner bed!!To_adorn_her_web_merge

Enough WHINGING YOU SAY!!! RIGHT HO!……….this spread is titled ‘To Adorn Her’………the text on the page reads……..’he travelled far & wide to adorn her’…………As it To_adorn_her_merge_hpis bigger than A4 you have missed some of the edges……….& alot of the detail………but that’s it for today, I will have to see what else I can come up with. 

POST SCRIPT:now that I have my new scanner, I have gone back & rescanned the pages….the top (magenta looking page) is from a Brother all in one machine………the bottom one (grey & black) is from a HP, my new, new scanner & all in one ………the HP scan is true to colour & shows the nuances of the colours of stamping & inks I used much better than the Brother did. The graphic is also much clearer & the faces collaged in as well.  These were scanned on exactly the same settings. I am not going to do before’s & afters of all of them, I will just replace the pics from the last couple of weeks as my old HP all in one machine died leaving me a yellow luminous streak over teveything that I scanned.

The pages were made on a base of acrylics & pearl paints & have layers of stamping in various inks & paint, gel transfers & found imagery.  The ‘seagrass’ is a donation from Lynne that I moushed in the paints I was using.  I have to acknowledge a couple of inspirations…………Marta Harvey’s beautiful pen & ink trees  AND the exceptionally talented Judy from Sydney & her amazing book on Elephants she completed recently.  Elephants is not a subject that would have appealed to me before, there was just something about this pic that appealled to me………it is from an old national geographic from the ’70’s.  I use them alot, I pick them up at op (thrift) shops & garage (yard) sales.


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  1. beautiful spread!! nicely done despite the crappy scanner!!! yes I use my digital camera just because of that and it’s faster and easier for me since am scanner challenged!!!! hope you find one you like!! and your art work is wonderful!!!!! thanks for sharing!! Hugs Linda

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