Sally’s Afternoon Tea


Sallys_tea_party_merged_web_2 I guess the immediate question is……….Who is Sally????  Sally is one of my regular readers, who is the cousin of my dear friend Lynne.  As they are regularly in contact, & Lynne & I are regularly in contact……. although we haven’t met, I feel as though Sally (who is apparently famous for her afternoon teas) is one of my friends already.  She will be travelling down to visit Lynne in September & we plan to have a great day arting together & finally meeting face to face. I guess the SECOND question is (suspiciously!)……….I hear you asking….. I thought you had finished that journal??!?!?!  (Sheepishly, I would be forced to answer…..)……. I had…….. (I had even finished the index page) however there was a page of Christmas that I had done toward the back of the journal, in a hurry, just before I sent it off that I JUST couldn’t stand….. it was so glittery & kitch…….& I just didn’t like it anymore……….SO………. I rip, rip, ripped it out!! (well…….truth be told, my daughter picked at it when she came to visit me, cos I couldn’t put my head at any angle except looking forward, upright.  Sallys_tea_party_crystals_2_web_2 I have been home fromSallys_tea_party_crystals_web_3 work sick the last couple of days so it has been sitting there tempting me.  Each time I have picked it up, this particular page really IRKED me! NOW…….. I must put it on the shelf & accept, that this is how my art was then, and move on to other things……… there is still ONE more page at risk……….hmmmm……….ok, ok, I am moving on!I have had an infection that has affected my balance & wooow…… it wierd??!!  I have been the equivilent of sea sick for days.  SO this page has been put together in little stints of ‘wellness’ as I have had to stay quite upright to feel ok…..I have spent heaps of time on my blog because sitting up straight at the computer seemed to be alright.  I hope you like the new editions……. A couple of surveys, some more links & eye candy & also a resource list have been added.  I hope you find them all helpful.  SORRY…….these scans of the Invitation & Colour Scheme are luminous again….I am DESPARATE for a new scanner, (sadly, all of the office equipment is disposable these days) however, I am hoping to pick one up on sale at the end of the financial year, so I am tolerating it for a few more weeks or so.  (that is, of course, unless the ‘Scanner Fairy’ visits & leaves one at my door in the interim!)  I now have the last of my 3 ‘background’ exercises to do on ATC’s…..this one is stencilling over several times with ‘sequin scrap’ (the sheet from where the sequins have been punched out)………hmm……….not really THAT inspiring (which is why I have been procrastinating about starting it)…..I am trying to get enthusiastic about it enough to start……. FIRST……….I have to rescue my studio from last night’s creative flurry that occured when the dizziness left for about 2 hours.  Yeah……….kinda cyclone like!

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  1. Hi Keron – thanks for your great offer re a shopping day. I’d love to join your guys if that is possible (I am in Kalgoorlie) and will make sure I get to Melb by Wed night!!! This way I will actually get to meet Jo at last as well. Love your blog – I’ll be back to read more. Debbi B

  2. Keron, Sallys Afternoon Tea is so soft and lovely, the images of the kids is so cute. mmm dont like the sound of the virus you have, feeling wonky is not a good feeling, you take it easy now and get better quickly Love Jenene x

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