Inky Layers


Inky_layers_2_web I am draging my feet with this week’s ATC exercises, (this is the 2nd of 3 exercises for the week – the first one was the ‘resist’ adventure!)  I prepared these bases over the weekend, I have been distracted a little by my journal work….tis difficult… has been sitting on my bench beckoning me!  LOL!  These ATC’s have been created by randomly layering old papers & map pieces (see Mary’s Ebay Store if you need some), then layering various media on top.  FIrst a coloured glaze, then stamping ink & lastly a luminescent paint.  The lesson called for ‘Luna Lights’ which I was unable to get……I hope I haven’t created something TOTALLY totally different…….I still used a astronomical product – Moon Glow! LOL!!  Anyways, you don’t see that at all on the scans.  As often happens when you use pearlescent products, they look much more lively in person.


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  1. Hi Keron! I’m also doing the ATC Workshop on line and also drug my feet for the second weeks lesson! I was so super excited about week # 1 so…I’m not sure why the un enthused feelings for week#2??? I have a sneaking suspicion that I sub-consciously saw my comfort zone shrinking and I was heading into techniques I’d never tried! After I got going though I couldn’t stop! Silly thinking but that’s me I guess!
    Have a great hair day! Becci (Who’s comfort zone has expanded a tiny bit more…YEA!)

  2. love these!! they are great and love the colors and all!! and liking reading this post dated Fri 15th when it is still the 14th here!!!! Hugs Linda

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