I’ve been Misty-fied


It’s true……I HAVE!!!!  I am not sure how many of you know the work of the AMAZINGLY talented Misty Mawn.  I am very fortunate to be booked in for a workshop with her next May organised by the amazing Jo The_valley_of_the_shadow_of_death_m & Jacky from Artistic Journey in Perth.  There has been a lead up of a couple of months preparing & organising & the registrations just opened today.  In the process there has been lots of toing & froing on their website with Misty’s work constantly before my eyes, enticing me, wooing me, drawing me in……..I ADORE it…..I love the colours she uses, the sweet soft, honouring way she presents each of her subjects AND of course…….she uses one of my signature elements….TEXT. …….(every collage needs some!!)  Here is the FINAL page in my Le Reputation de Tients journal….it was HEAVILY influenced by Misty’s work, without a deliberate attempt to copy, I have used some techniques that look like her work. (of course desparately missing the original art elements she is SO AMAZINGLY clever at!)…….I wanted to put little white wings onto Rembrandts little lamb & a soft whispy angel in the sky above….but SADLY lacking in talent in that dept, & I didn’t want to risk wrecking it, other than that omission, I really like how it has turned out………I have titled it ‘The Valley of the Shadow of Death’ & I have made the colour swatch into a bookmark that will be in the page, with 23rd Psalm on the back of it.


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  1. wonderful work dear!! it is quite lovely and truly your work not Misty’s!!! her work is lovely but you created your own version!! nicely done!! Hugs Linda

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