Soft Moss Green & Duck Egg Blue


Blue_green_should_never_be_seen_m_2this is a VERY ordinary scan of one of the most beautiful pages in my Le Reputation De Tients (the name of colour) art journal.  I have been arting with my friend Lynne over the weekend while my DH is away playing cars interstate with some mates.  The colours on the scan look much more luminous than they do in real life.  They are a very soft, soft moss green & duck egg blue, ‘bleached’ out with translucent white gesso.  The papers are Wild Asparagus, & the roses are (painstakingly) cut from Ann Griffin paper.  These ‘loosly’ are the colours of the interior of our new extension.  My studio (what walls you can see of it – most of the wall space is lined with shelves) is in the deeper blue, as is the cloth of our full sized billiard table.  The walls are to be the soft green, if I EVER get around to painting them, instead of doing art or being on the computer! The ceilings & woodwork are white.  So this page is representative of where I am right now, colourwise.   I only have one more double spread left in my little colour journal, then I have the index page & I think I will make some extra embellishments & tags to hang off the outside……..that always makes it a bit more interesting & inviting to look at.Bottle_top_charms   I started with these little ‘bottle cap’ ones…………I KNOW, I KNOW, everyone has already been there & done that for SOME TIME NOW…….however I am really excited about them.  I HAVE A NEW DRILL!!!  I have had a piece I am building from recycled building bits on old weatherboards for a few weeks now, waiting for DH to drill 2 holes in it – he has put a new bathroom in one house & a new kitchen in another…….but I can’t get 2 holes in my piece of wood!!!!  TWANDA…..I say (You had to be there……..Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe)  You know the saying…….while the cat’s away, the mice will play?????  WELL……….we have a THING in our house, my DH (who is a tradie) ‘steals’ my art tools & equipment…….there are lots of reasons for this…..mine are always in working condition, they are always in the same spot, & they are easily accessible.  There are many things that have been ‘snaffled’ include 2 drills (one of them MY birthday gift), 3 heat guns, 1 small cordless soldering iron, gas packs (too many to count), screw drivers, a small shifting spanner (I had to buy another one to complete the rabbits for the babies for easter), enough said, the list goes on!  SO while HE has been away playing cars (Australian National Dragracing)…….I BOUGHT MYSELF A NEW DRILL……..NOW I am just LOOKING for projects & things I can ‘drill’………..everything I do in the next little while will have holes in it! LOL!!!!…………but shhhhhhhhhhhh! it’s a secret………I have to keep it quiet or else I will loose that one too!!


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  1. This is lovely. My studio is painted soft moss green with a robins egg blue ceiling. I find these colors are so soothing. I love the spread and your entire blog. Informational and fun. Thanks for sharing. Janene

  2. Oh the colors in your color journal are quite lovely really and the bottle caps are great as well!!! can’t wait to see what else you create with those colors you are liking!!! already my favs!!!! Hugs Linda

  3. I love the colours you chose, and everything always looks different under a scanner!! You go and drill anto anything you like – I love the bottlecaps. Would make a nice fringe! A drill is the one thing I don’t have yet, but want! Have fun!

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