A Life Remembered – A toast to wild women everywhere!


Maggies_story_webWHAT IS IT YOU Whole_page_merged_webPLAN TO DO WITH YOUR ONE WILD & PRECIOUS LIFE? is the quote ‘hidden’ in the story A_toast_webof Mrs. Margaret_web_2Margaret Hooper…….a former entertainer, now in her 70’s she looks back over the years & her experiences as a Paris night club singer & dancer, & how all this came to be.  The pictures on the page capture her evolution as Margaret  – an innocent child playing in a flower rope, to playful Maggie in the ’30’s in London & Megs, in Paris in the ’40’s……her theatre memorabillia covers the 45rpm that I worked on last week, & this is inside a sleeve, in her ‘page’ in Suze’s RR Travelling Art Journal called Amazing Feats of Strong & Extraordinary Women.      This page was such fun to do, it was one of the themes that I have been ‘collecting’ for, throughout the whole project (that started a Megs_webMrs_margaret_hooper_webyear ago).  This is my last Journal of this project now…..so it is just counting the months until the next one starts.  I think my next one is going to be about WORDS… following my obsession & fascination with language this journal will be about Words & Definitions. Each artist is to choose a word as the title for the page/s & make the page about that. I haven’t decided at this point, the size it will be, the style of it or how I am going to present it, but this is all food for my imagination at this point.  I don’t have a name for it yet though (& this is something that held me up for ages with the last one) so if anyone has any suggestions, they would be gratefully accepted. At the moment, I am a bit stuck on the differentiation between a new ‘words’ journal, my ATC book of quotes AND my ‘altered dictionary’ which is still a great source of pleasure to me.  In the end it may mean that I will change topics altogether.  I still have a little time to decide on this though.


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  1. WOW Keron, your enthusiasm, ideas and way with words is something I want some off! How do you do it, not to mention the beautiful work you do.

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