ATC workshop


Intuitive_watercolour_web_3 I am still working on my online workshop exercises, (thankfully these are the last for this week & I can retreat to the safety of my collage creations) this is the Lesson that I missed, discouraged with my attempts to ‘intuitively’ find pictures in the patterns made from the free flowing watercolours…..they really are my (NOT SO) Intuitive Watercolours……….they are NOT SO intuitive, because I just couldn’t see anything in them………….I don’t know what that says for me & the ol’ ink blot test, but I failed – couldn’t see a single thing!!  Dear Abby rescued me (as she always does when it comes to drawing!)…….& helped me see some things to get started.  Thanks Ab…….

The next lesson was MUCH more fun!  Basically you paint paper towel with Lumiers paint (a selection of 3 colours) & then use the painted paper towel when it is dry in a composition.  Some people used it as backgrounds, others used it to embellish.  I discoverd lots of new things doing this exercise…….1st Discovery…. Paper Towel actually does Papertowelsampleswebhave a saturation point – I probably used tooo much Lumiers (Can you even do that????… I could EAT that stuff it’s SOOOOO gorgeous!!) & this made it quite stiff when it dried  2nd Discovery…… This made it difficult to stamp on because the ridges stood up (which was one of the things we were supposed to do).  I tried Staz-On (average result – you could hardly make out image) then a Chalk pad (a bit better – it was ‘juicier’) Then I had the BRILLIANT  idea to emboss it, to make the ink stand out more & be darker & promptly set fire to the first edition!  3rd Discovery: (drum roll – this is ground breaking news) PAPER towel doesn’t emboss too well….. dAHHHH!!!  it IS PAPER!!!  IT WILL CATCH FIRE!  …….mmmm….. you’ve gotta wonder sometimes………… THEN ME THINKS….(basking in showers of brilliance – attempting, after the shame of not being REMOTELY intiuitive, to think outside the square) they look like autumn colours, ???could they be trees perhaps??? which led me to my 4th Discovery…….. Paper Towel doesn’t punch too well, even with it has taken Viagra in the form of a drenching in Lumier paint!  (ie is stiff as a board) It gets stuck in the little cutting bits in the punch…….& it is hard to get them out whole….yeah………another brilliant idea falls flat!! LOL!!!  and last but not least 5th discovery……….when you’ve created this ‘special’ paper…….it doesn’t like to be ‘Zyroned’ it just gets stuck half way through THEN all sticks to each other! Enough discoveries for the evening….I am off to work on the journal I made the altered 45 for last week.  It’s safer………it’s only writing & I have PLENTY left to say LOL!! 


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