A little sleep goes a long way………….the online workshop I spoke of a couple of weeks ago using Bernie Berlins book (ATC Workshop) started last weekend.  It consists of doing all of the techniques through the book & posting your samples online with our group.  The first lesson, was making watercolour paint ‘blots’ & DRAWING (yes – DRAWING!!) something from the shapes you see……….failed dismally at this……after about the 6th try turning out as pathetic as the earlier ones……..I fatalistically moved on to lesson 2……Backgrounds made from BABY WIPES…..MUCH MORE MANAGABLE!!!!  These are made by using a ‘clean up’ baby wipe (ie. dirty from wiping stamps & paint up) as backgrounds for atcs.

Freshly disheartened from my feeble attempts at ‘intuitive watercolours’ I went into this Lesson a little more confident……..although I haven’t used baby wipes in particular, anything goes in my studio, so it didn’t worry me giving an unfamiliar background material a go.  I cut the baby wipe into 4 & attached them to white cardstock using spray adhesive, thinking that anything too ‘wet’ might create hard ‘glue’ Baby_wipes_nightsky_webBaby_wipesnightsky_finished_webspots. That worked well…….it was fine to stamp on, I used Staz – On Timber Brown – however the stamped image was fuzzy & hard to make out.  When I came to attach the printed image on paper, I had a little more difficulty.  It was hard to get it flat. YES LYNNE……….there ARE some things that are meant to be FLAT!!! (even with using a brayer – A close look at the original reveals bubbles & ridges)…..once it was on as well as it was going to be, I worked the edges using Senelier Oil pastels (my favs)………& blended them into the ‘cloth’.  This had a great effect, although I wasn’t able to blend several colours as well as I usually can on Baby_wipes_watching_waiting_webBaby_wipes_watching_waiting_finishepaper, it worked into the fabric well.  There was a limit on how much you could do this though, as the wipes became ‘furry’.  I then used pearl paint for moon glow, & a very tiny amount of silver glitter for stars.  Happy with this result……I attacked another one….I have called ‘Watching & Waiting’  I used the same technique & sequence to create the ATC, however, I also used lumier paints & moon glow & tried Wetlands_before_webattaching a metal embellishment (dragonfly)………it took a couple of goes to get that right.  ULTRA GLUE ended up being the best to attach it with.  The Moon Glow & Lumier paint ‘soaked’ straight in, so there was little blending time, I had to work with it quite wet & quickly.    The next one I continued on with the ‘water, pond’ theme……..REALLY………all I could see was Monet….so this was a Wetlands_webstretch……I used oil pastels & paints for the water, paper, threads & string for the reeds.  The little eggs are painted stones.

Lastly, (I thought that I had better look harder to see something other than waterlilly ponds!) This ATC started life as an Indian composition, however I couldn’t get rub-ons to stick to the baby wipe background, I used frayed string for a bit of texture……then When_i_am_old_background_webstarted When_i_am_old_web_2 hunting for a different image to spark off an idea…….I found a modern image from a current magazine (MOST unusual for me) & an old fashioned child pic from Collections.   The idea is that the little girl is looking into the future (as only a child can) percieving that ‘old’ is 25!  It’s a bit of a play on the poem as I know it actually refers to an aged woman, however, to a small child………25 is old!

Lesson 3 is all about using paper towels painted with Lumier paints……….SO……….more soon   

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