A different kind of creating


Mosaic_floorWell…….it’s been a big weekend………lots of creating……..sadly, Vanitynot art……this is what I do to support my ART HABIT, (aka the thing that pays the rent!)……our annual housing industry award submissions were due this week & we have entered 3 catagories, the kitchen below in 2 of the catagories & this bathroom in another.  EVERY waking moment literally has been spent, photographing, cropping, doing our presentation pages (using Photoshop & Illustrator)……..& well………dispite a desire to do so there has been not even a glimmer of time for art.  Much time & effort is put into the whole process, like alot of these sorts of things the judges have to smell the sizzle before they come for the Birds_on_island_webFull_kitchen_image_websausage!  It will be months before we even know whether we are in the running & then the awards are around the end of September.

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