‘You spin me right ’round, baby ‘right round


Even though I can celebrate the arrival of MY travelling journal, at the same time that I recieved mine home, I recieved 2 more journals to work in.  Both have some lessons to be learnt about binding for RR journals.  The first one is Rust & the second one is Strong & Extrordinary Women.  The Rust journal, whilst a wonder to behold because of the beautiful artwork in it, is a good example of how NOT to bind a travelling art journal!  It is bound with plastic spiral binding & has not survived the rigours of a year of travel so well.  (In fact, I am not entirely sure whether there was another piece that has been lost altogether, which is sad)  I will be working on that one next…….so stay tuned for ‘rusty stories’

Journal_cover_webStrong & Extrordinary Women is a really sturdy book, that is, in and of itself and EXTRA-ORDINARY book.  Being one of the last contributors, it is VERY difficult to work in, as the journal has become ‘fatter’ than the binding will really allow, so the journal will not open out to work in, and it is not possible to take it apart to work on the ‘page’ alone.   Regardless, it is a beautiful book that is full of stories of amazing women……mostly from history…….my entry is much more flippant………The pages of the book are made like slip covers for old 45rpm records, so I hunted an old one out of the attic, and ‘altered’ it!! (as I have said before……NOTHING is sacred.  I have decorated both sides, & then it will go inside the ‘cover’ & I will decorate the page…….somewhere or another I will write a story about my character who is a woman who has lived her life in the live theatre business & is looking back over the last 50 years.

Side_a_web_2  Side_b_web



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  1. This is great. I love what you’ve done. So unique.
    Hmmm – makes me want to get my hands on a 45 rpm now. i might have a hard time convincing the “owners” – family members that it is for a special plan.
    Thanks for sharing the idea.

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