Filling the gaps


Mystery_woman_merge_web After embracing my journal for about 24 hours…..the next task was to decide where the ‘gaps’ were colour wise…. I discovered that not many people used either dark or vibrant colours, (oh,  maybe Suze’s Cowslip Yellow could be thought of as bright…. except that the little girl on that page is so sweet it dilutes the strength of Chocolat1the colour!) So this is the first of 3 fill in pages……..It’s called Mystery Woman………The picture is an original acrylic by my art pal Cynthia in ATC size.  From the minute she posted it I HAD to have it & I wanted to give it a more prominent place than one of my ATC folders.   The red reminds me of the lead  female character in Chocolat played by Juliette Binoche……she was a woman that threatened everyone with her mystique – that & that she always wore red!  The page has several allagories…..the silohette figures depict the fact that the outside (what we see of people) does not always show what is on the inside….often people are filled with dreams & wishes that never, in all of life’s seriousness ever get a chance to come out & play……….the framed pictures at the top are signifying that our life can sometimes ‘box’ us in……the tule over her face is her shield from the world to protect her dreams…..and the music at the bottom is an amonition…… sing your song, dream your dreams, make your wishes….you are one of a kind!


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