FINALLY, my treasure is home


FINALLY, after a year of travelling, my first little handmade book is home.  It is called Le Reputation de Teint (which loosely translated French meaning ‘The Name of Colour’)  Since I commenced the book, I have had shared with me about 4 – 6 different ways that this should have been expressed……but that’s what it’s called.  Apart from the covers, there are 12 double pages done by me and 9 double pages done from other artists around the world from my Paper Traders group.  This was the first handmade book that I have made & I am pretty happy that it is still all bound tightly, that it sits up quite firmly, having left enough space for the expansion required for 3D elements added by various artists.  I used a linen thread & coptic stitching (albiet it wasn’t overly well done, it was strong).  The journal is 6 inches square.

I know that some people make their art journals out of any old thing, not particularly caring what paper they use, however I did a bit of research knowing there were watercolourists & acrylic artists in the participant group & I wanted the paper to be able to ‘hold’ it’s own.  On reflection, many people have chosen to ‘stick into’ the book, rather than to work on the paper the pages are made from, so perhaps I didn’t need to be quite as fussy about that. 

The instructions to artists were quite simple, just to pick a domestic paint sample from a paint company with a name that appealed to them & use the name as the inspiration for the page.  The paint chip was to be included as part of the page.

Each of the artists have been identified on the pages they did.  It is hard to pick a favourite, they are all so different.  The stranges thing to me is that the journal has been gone almost exactly 1 year…..It left me on May 15th, 2006…….and I look at the art work that I did in it now, and can’t help but think how differently I’d do it now.  I think that the art strategy that I have adopted to ‘Just keep making… matter how it is turning out’ is really impacting my style over time.  I remember at the time that I started this project I had only just discovered Golden paints……… most of my pages use them & it is all just so shiny………….not a look I usually favour.  As a couple of artists dropped out through the process…….I have 2 blank pages in my book……….now……hmmmm what SHALL I do with those?????


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  1. Keron,
    That is soooooo awesome! I love it. What a fantastic idea. I am sure you will treasure that for a long time.

  2. This is WONDERFUL, Keron!!!!!!!!! How exciting that your RR Art Journal is complete and has returned home to you!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow, Keron, I sure enjoyed watching the slide show of all the pages … what a neat joural and how great it is that it made its trip around the world and found its way back home to you! Very nice indeed,

  4. That is gorgeous! I love the concept of using the paint swatches to create the page themes. Everyone did such a wonderful job … it’s hard to pick a favorite. Have fun with the last couple of pages!

  5. Your RR journal is sensational, as is your entire blog site. I’ve admired your work since joining PTs, but am especially awed with your dedication to documenting your amazing work.
    Thank you for continually sharing with all of us!

  6. Beautiful! Thank you for posting this on CollageCats group. Gorgeous eye candy, it would have been sad to miss it.
    Oh yea, Happy Memorial Day!

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