Away with the Birds! – A Morning to Remember


Away_with_the_birds_web Well, the previous post really gave the impression that it was going to be a good day….. that was just an illusion AND (seeing as I have a well equipped & stuffed with supplies studio) I am seriously considering becoming one of those people that doesn’t leave the house!!! LOL!!!  THIS will be my GOOD day………It’s our only son’s 26th birthday & after a quite ‘colourful’ teenagehood, he has emerged to be one of my life’s richest blessings. Happy Birthday TJ.

…..after a lovely little morning play time making birds, I got ready for work & came out to go downstairs to my car, but heard a really loud hissing noise from the side of the house (where the Hot Water Service, gas meter & a/c boxes are)……knowing this WASN’T a good noise, I locked the front door & having my hands full, I thought I’d put my things in the car & go and investigate the hissing.

When I got to my car…….I found I had a FLAT TYRE!

By the time I got to the side of the house, the Hot Water Service was spewing water out of the top like a giesa……, steaming PRECIOUS water (we are on Stage 4 water restrictions = severe drought = i.e. DON’T let water spew down the street to water the asphalt!!!…….. & but there it was……..streaming down the street……….hmmm….not good!

I called DH…….no problems says HE………JUST go under the house AND turn the ‘tap’ off……..FIRST I have to unearth the tap from all of the car bits and crap under there AFTER wading through the mud caused from our leaking shower (A WHOLE OTHER story!)…….I slipped in the mud catching my lower leg on a spare tailgate under the house (doesn’t EVERYONE keep A spare one under the house??). I was caked in mud it all down one side……so I limped my way up to the 14 stairs to the front door…..shedding mud as I went……(we live on the side of a mountain) only to find… hot water to clean up in……..DAH……the Hot Water Service had blown up = NO HOT WATER!!!!

Then a call from DH… appears that the H.W.S.’s problems are terminal and he will have to buy a new one & get a plumber out.

I sponged my self sorta clean….called BACK DH who said……’Don’t worry honey….just turn it off down at the mains……’ Seemed simple enough….however, our mains are in a twist of 2 metre ivy that would keep Rapunzel locked in the tower!!! Huffing, Puffing, back to the garage (up our 50m driveway AND back under the house (for another dose of that mud) for the gardening tools.

After some pruning that could better be described as tree loping I found the water meter & turned off the water at the mains. Eventually after a wrestling match with the ivy, I got the water turned off….but was filthy…….BUT now…. there was NO water at all………Nada……..NONE!

I cleaned my self up with Baby wipes at my baby change station in the laundry & sat and seethed while I waited for DH to arrive home.

It cost about $1,500 for the plumber, supplies & a new HWS.

Needless to say, yesterday was a VERY expensive morning – one to remember.

I DIDN’T GO TO WORK – I had some stuff emailed to me at home, but that wasn’t going well…….I WENT TO MY STUDIO TO MAKE NICE THINGS……..I called them………Away with the Birds……..’cos I was hiding in my studio from the chaos around me!

AFTER my morning & the rest of the day working through it, I created these ATC’s from gel transfers of Ernest Haeckel images.  They are incredible artwork of micro organisms, birds & insects.Heakeal_gel_transfers_web


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  1. Loved the way you wrote that little story Keron, I could really picture the mud, the ivy, under the house….yuk! You were such a trooper though and now you’ve even discovered ANOTHER use for babywipes!!! lol Love the atc’s too by the way, fitting reward for a bummer of a morning 😉

  2. Oh, I can’t believe your work is so beautiful after such a awful experience with the water heater and all. You really do wonderful work, under STRESS!!! I haven’t seen your art before this, but I’ll bet it is always this lovely. Bonnie in WI

  3. Roflmao here Keron & it’s only because of the way you’ve related this tale. Things really couldn’t have been worse for you today, so sorry you had all that to deal with but some good came out of it in the end….your ATC’s are fabulous…love the birds & dimentional nests and twine used…just wish I had something decent to trade 😦

  4. Wow girl what a morning!! Glad you were able to find some sanity in your studio tho!!
    What great cards. You do such good work anyhow!!
    from cloth paper scissors

  5. Yikes! what a dreadful morning! and spendy too. glad it’s over and that you, at the very least, were able to create some beauty out of it. the transfers are wonderful and your birdie cards are such soothing colors. i like the added bits of fibers for depth and texture. perfect touch. thanx for sharing Keron!

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