My Ode to Cheryl – Birds of a Feather


Birds_nests_web I have steered away from the subject of birds for some time, as my art friend Cheryl from Paper Traders (blog link at the side – Zenspun) has a passion for them & creates the most beautiful work.  I fear any thing I try to make will turn out like copies because I love her work so much.  Well…….yesterday the temptation just all got too much.  I am developing a new colour range for a product made from glass, stones & pebbles made in resin, so I got to play with lots of colours & textures.  It turned out that the creamy looking little pebbles looked just like little eggs & I just HAD to make a bird’s nest with them.  I AM STILL SEWING……. so I am not really able to create something new until I have finished the ‘Milk Maid Dress’ for the weekend, however, I plotted to ‘art’ for an hour before my daughter came for her next fitting…….WRONG!!!  One of our current clients called late in the afternoon & begged for an afterhours appt which blew both sewing AND any potential ART time.  I was totally stuffed by the time I eventually got home, I answered emails, fed my West Wing addiction with one episode (we have the whole series on DVD) & went to bed.   Today I must do accounts.  I HATE BOOKWORK with a passion………i.e. accounting, not writing….. AND tonight I MUST finish the ‘milk maid dress’ because it is the last night I can work on it before the weekend.  DH & I have a conference tomorrow (Friday) & Saturday & we are going out for our son’s birthday tomorrow night to the Sofitel for dinner then to Veraki (the new Cirque D’Soliel production) in Melbourne.  It will be the first time out for an evening for both new parents without babies……… hopefully they will all be fine.

All of this JUST to say – I felt quite justified in taking a bit of time out this morning to create…………. these are my newest ATC’s…….. & incidently………. the stones didn’t work out………..OH……and NO prizes for working out where the inspiration for these came from (see the post below)…….. I had a monster job working out the diamonds……..I am sure if you know about maths & geometry there is an easier way!

The ATC’s are built on the new Basic Grey Stella Ruby range, & Bohemia rub-ons, & on reflection don’t really look like I have copied Cheryl!


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