Documentation_1_web These new ATC’s are made with old pages from Patent Office documents. I got them from my dear art friend Mary Green who runs a delightful little ebay site called ‘Green Paper Packages’ .  Mary doesn’t always have alot to sell at one time, but what ever is on offer is always special handpicked treasures.  In my latest haul from her I got some ‘hat’ price tags which are just BEGGING me to revist Alice (one of my loves).  Her is the link to Mary’s things……have a look, you’ll always get a little surprise there as her stock is is constantly changing over.   

Toby_readingOn another note……….Our darling little Princess ‘L’ is standing on her own now & we are waiting with baited breath as she contemplates taking her first step.  She loves to ‘pat’ every thing, then she laughs & laughs at how clever she is.  Little Toby Caleb has gotten both of his first 2 teeth this week & hasEllie_standing had gorgeous little rosebud cheeks…..He is quiet & contemplative.  I am sure he will be our family genius……..this is him ‘reading’ last weekend at our house.  Ahhhh…….. grandbabies……… I could go on forever.


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