Byzantine Dream ATC’s


Numberedcollectionir_3Keeping true to my promise from earlier in the week, here are SOME of the ATC’s that were made from left over supplies from my recent Byzantine Dream work in my art journal. Actually, truth be told, there is the odd ‘garden’ escapee that was hanging around my studio table that has managed to work it’s way into the compostions as well. Thanks everyone for being so encouraging about it. It certainly was a transformational piece of work for me & I think it is going to somewhat take my art into some different directions as I explore it a little.  Sometimes, when I get on to something, I kinda have to explore it & ‘get it out of my system’.  To some degree that sometimes means creating pieces that are of similar ilk until I have worked out the lessons & techniques that are coming out of the progression of the work.  As the work evolves… do the ideas & the skills that have formed it………..those then become part of your regular ‘bag of tricks’.  This probably sounds all a bit wierd, & it is sometimes difficult to reflect back to someone the creative process that occurs during the evolution of a piece.  It is quite literally locked in an artists’ soul until the physical ‘doing’ (the route that gets you to creation) brings art into a ‘being’ (the physical piece of work)  It’s a while, I must confess since I have given you many thoughts to provoke YOUR creativity………..but think about it………what creation is locked inside your soul that is ACHING to come out??????  Selah………..(think on these things)


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