I found it in my Garden deco


Cover_with_roseA deco is a little book, (this one is about 4 in high x 6 in wide) usually with a small number of pages.  I don’t know whether it pehaps may have originated from the word ‘decoration’ however, that’s it’s primary purpose…….usually not a serious work, just a cute little book to titilate the imagination & add the ‘wow factor’ to a little shelf or corner.  So a few months ago a couple of other artists – Wendy & Gisele & I embarked on a swap to make 2 covers; 6 pages & 6 charms (or add ins) for swapping to create ‘Garden Deco’s’ out of.  I finished assembling them last night & they are going off to their new homes today.  I thought you might like a look at them all ready to go!    

Kerons_cover_to_wendyInside_2Inside_4  Back_coverInside_3Cover_2

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  1. Screechingly excited yelp, since one of those beauties is coming to me! I can’t wait to see which one. You have done a beautiful job of assembling them, and what a great idea for your swap!

  2. Wonderful, Wonderful! you’ve done beautifully! i’m sure all recipients will be delighted. wish i was one of them!

  3. Looks realy great! I can imagine you are very exited! I also think your Byzantine Dream is georgeous! Greetings!

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