Byzantine Dream


Iconic_dream_web I have been working in my ‘Time in my Life’ Art Journal over the weekend and this spread is the result.  It has taken all weekend & was a lengthy process of layering over & over.  I have created a whole heap of ATC backgrounds from all of the scraps & bit’s left over which I will work on during the week, but for now, I am beat.  I need sleep.

THE MORNING AFTER…….rest after creating is good……I was SO tired by the time I finally posted this last night.  Friday night was the sleep of the ‘artistically disturbed’ (some might say diranged, but I am not volunteering that myself!) as I had pasted down all of the background papers (there are 9 of them) & selected stamps that I thought I’d like to use, but wasn’t sure how I was going to go forward with it – SO, I laid awake, thinking, thinking, how did I want the finished product to turn out?  I decided on ecclesiastical looking, but not religious, I wanted some modern & cryptic elements, but still traditional looking……round & round it went… yup, not alot of sleeping Friday night!

By Saturday night, I had laid down all the stamping, pearl paints & worked on the ‘resist’ paper (thanks Wendy) that shows the gold pattern underneath (blue & pink), I had lots of images that were potential inclusions & I spent a lot of time Saturday afternoon moving them around on the two pages. I finally decided that I was just going to stick them down anyway, then I went to bed. Then I spent Sat. night tossing & turning, cogitating over my placement & selection…right place?, linear enough for iconic art?…too modern? Too obscure to convey meaning?, colours ok? The questions went on & on & I couldn’t turn them off, so I just got up at 3.30am & got right back to it.  I AM SURE there MUST be pills to take for this obscessive need I have to create!!! LOL!!!

THEN yesterday, (Mother’s Day) while all of the family was over, I kept sneaking off into my studio to ‘add a bit of this ‘n’ that’ or lay down some paint to dry, a bit of gold leaf, etc, etc,….& finally I finished up late into the night.

LAST night, I slept the sleep of the utterly exhausted..this piece took a lot of energy..but what a great time I had creating this work (it is pretty big – 2 x 11in wide x 9 in high pages)..AND (pant, pant) I feel ready to start another one!!! LOL!!! (I probably won’t really, during the week things get hectic at work, I have the legacy of ATC’s to keep me company through the week)


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  1. Keron, this is brilliant! so many delicious things to look at. fabulous layering and blending with lovely images and rich colors. Hearing your process is also interesting. i understand both restless nights of idea sifting and puzzle solving and running into the studio for a few minutes here and there to add another layer or this or that. i imagine it’s common for those of us with small children, as that’s my experience. thanx for sharing all of this with us.
    🙂 Mija

  2. I am really impressed with this!! It can be looked at for a long time.
    I also appreciate that you wrote about your agony. When I see beautiful work like this, I assume that it came together easily. To hear how you struggled is really good for me to know. Now I know that I am not the only one!!

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