I must say, I have been a little behind with my normal ‘blogging’ over the past few weeks with all that packing, renovating, fetching & carrying that’s been going on since easter.  I regularly check out lots of blogs & it is pure indulgence for me to blog-surf (ie follow links from one to another) if I have a spare moment.  I caught up with Kelsey O’Mullane’s blog for the first time for a couple of weeks & was honoured to find she has nominated me as a Thinking Blogger.  ‘Keron (colour guru) is my next one. She is another "wordy" person….just like I am, do love that in ya Keron! lol Beautiful art as well.’ wrote Kelsey.  Wow…..thanks Kelsey, you’re a champ!

This was award was set up by some one who basically was tired of the ‘froff’ & bubble that was occuring on some sites & wanted to give recognition to people who were really coming up with something interesting. The link below explains how it all began.

The participation rules are simple:
1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,

2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote


note: ANY list that I made would have to include Kelsey, however, we have a mutual admiration society thing happening……..& ANYONE who reads her blog KNOWS what a THINKING BLOGGER she is & she already has the award to prove it!

1. The most THINKING & thought provoking ‘blogger’ I know, actually doesn’t have a blog!!  Cynthia Couch is from Kansas & is one of the moderators of my online art group Paper Traders.  She constantly enquires & stretches us to think about our art & where it comes from with her thought provoking insights & comments.  She is a great personal inspiration to me & an amazing artist, you can view her work here: 

2.  Another Paper Traders artist, Gisele Therezien – A special online friend from Jersey UK, Gisele always inspires me to think outside the box, inspiring all kinds of new projects! 

3.  Rande Hanson – I just adore her work, & while I generally don’t like to look at other people’s work as I feel it will influence me, & I won’t have a single original idea…………Rande’s blog is a visual splendour I cannot deny myself.  I am in awe from afar!

4. Joanna Pierotti – I don’t know Joanna at all, however I find the art she is creating as she journals her way through her cancer treatment is very touching.  Each piece of her art is soulful

5. My last award goes to a blog that makes ME think alot!  Alot, alot.  Nothing really to do with art at all…….but then ART isn’t my WHOLE life, even though I like to think it is.  This is a blog that talks about future trends & what our lives may look like 10, 20 50 years out (for those of us that will last that long)  It really is fascinating take a peak! 

SO, there it is, MY list of 5  congratulations to you all.  You all have impact on my life in both big & small ways every single day.  Thank you.


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