Domestically Disabled, no longer! (aka – I have run out of excuses for a messy house!)


Perfection_web_3Cookery_web_5  Time to revisit my altered dictionary again this week.  I am working on several bits ‘n’ pieces in the background however this is the work I have to show off.  It has been a mixed week of nursing sickies & busyness filling my new cupboards………. YES……… it’s TRUE, TRUE, TRUE……… no more excuses………. no longer DOMESTICALLY DISABLED……… I have DRAWERS………. I have CABINETS………. I HAVE SHELVES!!!!!    I have moved from a small 1 metre wide desktop ‘studio’ to having a whole bedroom as a studio.  This was sometime ago, but I have had boxes & containers everywhere that I have not been able to put away, there were cabinets, but they were just big holes…….(ie no shelving in them), now I am A_desktop_studioequiped with banks of drawers & cabinets.  NO EXCUSES I told me!!!  CLEAR, clutter free work surfaces……….. HA!  I haven’t even achieved it yet, let alone it lasting past more than the first project!   There is still more work to do in my studio,  & I have to share my studio cabinets with my wardrobe (yes, that’s right, you guessed it – because our robes in our bedroom are not finished!!!) however new cabinets in the family room as well mean that the linen & other ‘non-art related matter’ that has resided in these cabinets can come out & they are free for my art things.  I AM a messy person at heart – the Studio_pic_1pendulum swings the other way though, because I like Art_studio_drawersorder………my creative mind & my organized mind usually can’t live in the same room………Where ever I create, I have mess!!!!  My sewing stash can come OUT of the attic so that I can actually use it – oh what delight………. really…… I haven’t had alot of time for arting, I have been sorting & labelling…….my other wicked Studio_overhead_shelf_2delight. I wonder if they make pills for  that????


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  1. oooohhh, love this…I’m working on my studio now. I’m getting there slowly but surely. oh, I’m in the comp. art journal group so that is how I got here today (although I’ve been to your site before)…just wanted to say hay! Lia

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