A Flat Day


Fathers_of_rome_170_dpiCuore_sacro_170dpiIt is a flat day today.  This is the day we are supposed to be flying out to Italy for a month.  Sadly, due to business constraints, it has been postponed until April next year.  I am not sure whether it is a good thing or a bad thing to surround myself with all things Italian today or ignore it & go about my business, it doesn’t improve the general melancholy of the week.Pieta_170dpi  My beloved Pieta awaits (in Rome)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pieta and I guess is not going anywhere, I just thought we’d meet again sooner.  It is time I shared with you my about my true love……the Pieta (sculpted by Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1498/9-1500) is a breathtaking wonder to behold.  Carved in transluscent creamy marble, it almost lives.  No artist can stand in front of it and not be moved.  The drapes of Mary’s cloak almost ruffle with a breeze they are so delicate.  The way Jesus’ body slumps & his arm droops on her knee provokes heartfelt compassion that compels you to want to take His hand & offer comfort.  Michelangelo sculpted this when he was only 24 years old & some say it is his finest work.  Having read The Agony & The Ecstacy by Irving Stone (about his life) I can understand why this could be so.  His art was pure & untainted by financial worries, the impediements of his father & religious & political complications that marred future projects.   I know I am only one of many who has been struck by the Flavian_amphitheater_170dpi_2 enormity of the Italian experience, & it seems to be a ‘trendy’ thing at the moment.  It is not the scenic vistas in Italy that enthral me, though there are plenty of those.  Not the food, it’s nice, pasta & virgin olive oil is part of my daily life, but certainly not the ‘earth shattering’ cuisine books portray it to be……for me, it is the history, the art & the architecture.   It blows me away standing next to something that is thousands of years old.  I live in a country where old architecture is measured in decades, so Italy is mind blowing for me.   My European experience is limited to Italy & France, & although there is some of this in France, it doesn’t have the same appeal.  It is, to some degree a unique experience although my reasoning doesn’t seem sound when there are other equally as old places in the world I am yet to see.  Oh well………..I shall have to start my ‘no. of sleeps till departure’ counting from scratch.

All of the ATC’s above were made from my photos after my last Italy trip Jan 2003. They are part of my Antico Roma series & you can read all about them on my website. www.artisttradingcards.com.au


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  1. I am sorry that you won’t be making your trip just yet. I agree about the History, the Art, and the architecture of Italy. I would love to see the Sistine Chapel someday. It just amazes me that he spent years on his back high up in the air to paint a ceiling…

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