Scripted Pears


Scripted_pears_webI was speaking on line with someone last night about swapping, & the discussion came around to my watercoloured pears………..also some art friends have just received some in the mail & are sending notes of thanks, so these two things combined have gotten me back into them (I painted about 40 last time before I could put them down!!!!  LOL!!!)  Something goes off in my silly brain that makes me want to do more of something that I am liking the look of…………..I don’t get it myself!  So here are the latest, I have called them ‘scripted pears’ because of the text.  They are watercoloured, then indian inked with my fav markers, the I have used an inkject transfer using Sheer Heaven over the top for the script. It is a product that you can make transfers with from inkject print outs. Sheer Heaven is a fabulous product you can buy from Paper Forest Designs These look different to the ones I did a few months ago, but time marches on!  If you’d like to look at the others, click the Watercolours catagory & scroll down.

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  1. thanx so much for your compliments in collage cats, my lil girl with the crown 🙂
    love your blog, love your art!!
    hope you’re having a creative weekend!
    xo ~Bella

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