NOTES on a Scandal


Notes_on_a_scandalWell, if you are a regular reader of my blog, it will seem like I am at the movies with the girls all the time.  I wish….. LOL!!!!  In reality, it is a rare thing, that I was back at the movies last night (for the second time in a just over a week) with my special friend Lynne.  We saw Notes on a Scandal, which I have just been aching to see…… but it just is not my DH’s cup of tea, so I had to wait for some more sophisticated company that would appreciate something deep & Notes_on_a_scandal_kate_w_boymeaningful!! 

The storyline was a bit dodgy (a teacher having an affair with a young student); & it was certainly a bit creepy at times but Judi Dench (AS ALWAYS) was sensational.  I love her, what can I say????  She is always so convincing in any role she plays.  Her role in this film is one of what we know in our family as a ‘battle axe’ (A battle axe is a strong & bossy woman; who gets what she wants because she is strong & bossy!) A teacher at a run down public secondary school in London, she lives a rather solitary & isolated life with her cat – Portia (I LOVE that name ….. I am not sure about for a cat though!) Her world is irrevocably altered when she meets the school’s new art teacher, Sheba (who thinks up these names?????) Notes_on_a_scandal_fightingHart (Cate Blanchett), who seems to be a kindred spirit (Anne of Green Gables language…….interpretation for non-Anne speaking people – a soul mate who you can be honest with).  Quite early in the film, she discovers that Sheba is having an affair with one of her young students, which she is understandably horrified at.   Instead of exposing it, but she uses the knowledge of the affair to extricate an otherwise unlikely friendship which she is hoping becomes intimate.  As Barbara threatens to expose Sheba’s terrible secret to both her husband (Bill Nighy) and the world, she becomes more & more demanding & manipulative in an attempt to force Sheba into a homosexual relationship.  Barbara’s own skeletons start tumbling out of the closet, one by one, exposing the deceptions undermining each of their lives.  Rating out of 10????  Probably about an 8…………..mostly because of the acting……..the storyline was CREEPY.

As with most times I watch a thought provoking movie………. I make art……. (isn’t that what everyone does??? LOL!!!)  I have called this series ‘Urban Myths & Secrets’ provoked by the secrecy that each of the characters had in their lives each trying to maintain an ‘acceptable’ facade to the outside world – things people think are true, but upon closer inspection they aren’t necessarily.  They are made from scraps & cut outs from advertising material from a recent design show we attended.  The wire in the glass represents the bars we create for our lives when we carry secrets, the frames are filled with Papier Dimensional Magic.  The writing is purposely faded, scratched out & hard to read because they are long held beliefs or secrets………I have the remaining 5 on my studio table drying, I will post them tomorrow……..but for now……….off to bed!!!!



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  1. thanks for the review! I like what you done with the myths, the symbology as well as how you altered the frames. Joyce

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