with a thankful heart


Gallipoli_webToday, in Australia, we are celebrating Anzac Day.  It is one of our commemorative days where we remember the lives of those fallen in the fields of war for the cause of our freedom as a nation.  I created these pages in Mary’s travelling art journal last year, however, today is the day we are reflecting on the events & sacrifices depicted, so I thought it appropriate that I post it today.  Gallipoli is such a tragic story in Australian War History (one my Grandfather played a part in) that I wanted to record it in my art. For the sake of my overseas visitors, in 1915 Australian soldiers were landed on a beach in Gallipoli, Turkey, & were outnumbered & out gunned by the Turkish. It resulted in the wiping out of a generation of young men from outback & country towns & it had a hAnzac_page_rhs_finished_webuge iAnzac_page_lhs_finished_webmpact on Australian life. (PLEASE………..any war buffs, please don’t be offended, this is not meant to be trite in anyway, just a very simplified description). The old pages on the RHS are from my grandfather’s service record.

For anyone who is interested in the story the long version (blow by blow) is here: http://www.awm.gov.au/histories/ww1/1/index.asp
a more suscinct, narative style version is here: http://www.anzacsite.gov.au/1landing/why.html   


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