The MOST generous people I know!


A fellow artist in one of my online groups commented recently that sharing art & collage supplies as we do across the world is a way of life – giving and receiving our bits and pieces. I agree with her comment that ‘crafters and gardeners are the most generous people I know’.  You never leave a gardner’s home without a flower or a vegetable or some lemons or something……. I remember receiving Lynne’s first white rose from her new garden when I was sick…… our neighbour regularly shares her lemon tree with us (I am lemonly challenged……. I can’t seem to successfully grow a tree that bears fruit!) Black_red_web_2I am blessed to have a network of people across the globe whom I share art treasures with.  Each of these ATC’s are made with bit’s & pieces that have been sent to me by other artists.  So thank you Mary, Gisele, Jenene, Marion, Ute, Cheryl, Abby (in USA & Abby in Oz)……..I love swapping with you all.  I can hardly believe that I am on a black & red journey.  These are colours that I have traditionally disliked……….BUT here I am…….. & here they are!

ps the text on ‘tall poppy’ reads: a tall poppy  is someone that rises up from mediocrity to do something amazing much to the chagrin of others. 


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  1. these are so lovely! and i agree, the sharing of art and supplies across the miles, is so very rewarding. i am thrilled to have found a community of artists who “get me” and i get them too! he he

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