Wax On


Waxed_atcs_web_2 WOOO HOOO, new drawers in my studio when I came home from work yesterday afternoon…. only in 1 cupboard out of 3, but still…you’ve gotta love that!!!  My tiling in the bathroom & laundry isn’t finished & my DH is starting yet another project, but I couldn’t complain, I have had the cabinets in for 18 months without any drawers in them, so this is definitely progress.  I was sorting & tidying until quite late & so I didn’t sit down to do anything until after 11.30pm.  I revisited a beloved friend when making these new ATC’s…..Langridge ANTIQUING WAX…..oh yum……the smell permeates my studio & my hands, it is just delicious!  These ATC’s have a bit of a nostalgic feel about them, both from the imagery, then the sanding & waxing adds dark shadows that helps to give the old worlde feel about the composition.  The first one I have titled ‘Books & Letters’, another card in ‘The Objects of My Affection series.  I was at a design conference the last couple of days which included some ‘prophecying’ about what our future might look like.  One of the forseen ‘progressions’ was the elimiation of printed books, & handwritten correspondence, but I could not do without my beloved books.  They are my friends, I guard them jealously like a mother hen.   

The other is called ‘Looking for Letters of Lost Love’.  Unusually, for me, it doesn’t include any text.  The story seemed to complicated to tell in a single line or word……….the birds are nesting with lost letters, & the garden fairy has come to find her letter of lost love……  It’s funny how work you do at the same time ends up looking a bit the same, even though you use different imagery.  The subject matter of these compositions is totally different, yet the ATC’s have the same feel about them.


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  1. Keron, these are both fantastic! i saw them in the art party on CC and thought they were a spead in an altered book… how funny is that? but you’re right, it’s because they have the same warm feel to them. i adore both of them!

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