Girls Night Out

Becoming_jane_2 MOVIE NIGHT with the girls last night, what fun……….I was made an ‘honorary’ Barbie….which is quite a joke for an overweight strawberry blonde haired woman who has never resembled a Barbie in her life!!!..LOL!!…(whereas each of my 3 beautiful blonde companions could have easily qualified!!) the movie Becoming_jane_3was great, dinner was good & the company was special………..The movie is the story of Jane Austin as an elegible young lady & the perils & pestilence that occured in the days of her encounters with young men.  She is persued by several men who are more able to provide for her, however she falls for the wildly dangerous, but essentially poor, young Irishman Tom Lefroy (played by a gorgeous James McAvoy).  He is studying law & dependant upon an ingracious uncle who disapproves of Jane. 
Lefroy meets Jane when he is consigned to the country due to behaviour not befitting someone of the legal profession during the Christmas holidays of 1795.  Sadly, the A_shy_flower_webcourse of their love doesn’t run smooth; & there is a parting of the ways. (Several actually!)  The film is of beautiful scenery & great costumes… has all the echos of Pride & Prejudice & the film implies this real life experience was Jane Austen’s inspiration for her famous writings ………the story gets a little slow at times……… overall, I’d rate it about a 7/10.  Having said that, I was scurriously writing quotes on my hand & arm through the show & I was inspired to come home & make art!!! (as you do!) Some of the lines in the film were especially thought provoking………….so here is ‘A Shy Flower’ inspired by a line from one of Jane’s suitors……………’sometimes passion is a shy flower that takes time to unfold’  I have used various bits of found imagery, an old Paua Shell cuffling (Op Shop find) & the Moon Glow mica that I spoke about yesterday.  It gives the whole card a shimmery look about it.

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