the Objects of my Affection


These are only SOME of the Objects of my Affection, being creative I am passionate about lots of things, but it isn’t always easy to express them in a single picture.  These ATC’s are to send up to my art friend in sunny Queensland, Liz. (who, I might add, has been waiting VERY patiently for them!)  The first one is made from a glossy greeting card picturing one of Claude Monet’s waterlillies.  The journalling over the whole card is a bit of a diversion from my typical style, however, when it came to working on this, Colour_by_monet_webI JUST couldn’t bring myself to do anything to it.  I COULDN’T scratch it, wax it, add anything or take anything away………….the journalling says it all really……… reads ‘the first time that I saw one of Claude Monet’s paintings in person, I was awestruck, literally at the intricacy of the transition in colour, barely perceptable, yet so many shades were apparent.  It has impacted my life & my art & when it left our city, I truely grieved for it’s loss.’  I stood in front of it for ages………….just looking, just taking it all in.  When we go to Europe later in the year, I hope to go to the Musée de l’Orangerie, in Paris which houses significant Monet waterlilly paintings.  The paintings were done by Monet for this specific installation, in oval rooms, the pieces ‘surround you’………the colours are amazing (you can do a 3D tour of the rooms here)  In the end, not sure whether my journalling represented enough ‘effort’ to be titled an atc, I worked over the colours with some of Paper Forest’s Moon Glow it is a pearlescent mica powder that I mixed with a bit of Golden Matte Medium.  Its a beautiful product that I have only just discovered, it has similar applications as H2O’s & Perfect Pearls, but has a much nicer colour range.  You can buy it here from Joyce at Paper Forest. It is coming off on my hands a bit this morning, so I don’t know how long it will stay on…….perhaps this one is for lookinThe_smell_of_a_newborn_baby_webg only.   Beautiful_buildings_webThese other cards are a bit more self explanatory.  The first is the ‘Smell of Newborn Babies’, having had 3 newborns in the family in the last 6 months of last year, we are now in a significant ‘baby’ stage in our life (albiet grandbabies, but the impact is huge).  The last one is ‘Beautiful Buildings’, I love architecture…….this ATC is made from a combination of plans from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, my own photo from Venice & a clock face from ?Ecetera.  Have a great day all.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean speaking about Monet – if you´re in France, try to see his original garden in Giverny (near Versailles), too! No original paintings there, but a great atmosphere.

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