The Colour of Love


The_colour_of_love_web This is the canvas that I was talking about in my last post…..I finished it last night.  I made it for a special art friend of mine who loves rusty things & this style of imagery.  Made from paint, gause & rusty bits of metal, it is approx 9" square.  I wrote on the RHS in rust coloured chalk, which looked great until I sprayed it with fixative.  Then I went over it in beeswax pencil, which hardly had any impact at all.  I wanted it to be a bit more prominant than it is, but this was as bold as I could get it without resorting to paint & a liner brush, which I wasn’t keen to do.  The heart on the bottom is an ‘Op Shop’ find donated by Abby.  The text reads….’In our life, there is a single colour that provides inspiration for life & art.  The colour is love.’  It was abridged from Paul Cezzane.  I LOVE this image, it is of ‘mature’ lovers….not a wispy stick insect with gorgeous blonde hair blowing in the breeze kissing some hunk with 2 days growth (WHO EVER convinced a woman THAT was sexy?????)…….our society presents passion & love as belonging to the young…….nay I say, nay!!


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  1. wow this is fantastic!! really nice piece wish could see the whole thing!!! I saw your post on collagecats so had to come see! and the bunnies are lovely!!!!! beautiful work!!(and the grandbaby too!!!!) your work is wonderful and hope the house renovations go well!! my hubby is an architect and trust me after 13 years still have the same messes we started with and this is an old house with lots of need of repair and refinishing!!! so hang in there guess it’s like the cobblers kids and no shoes right!!!! hehehe!! Hugs Linda

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