Darling Clementine


Clementine_rabbit A monumentus thing happened this weekend.  My sewing machine of 24 years died.  It has been coming for about a year……it has had several services in that time.  It was chugging away, and then it just groaned, shuddered and everything froze.  I am (was) making German mohair rabbits for the Grandie’s 1st easter next weekend designed by the talented bear artist Jane Perala.  Here is the picture off the pattern.  I have dyed up some mohair in soft raspberry for Princess ‘L’ & delicate ocean spray blue for little (actually very big…now 8.5kg!) Toby.

I hope that they will be heirlooms, complete with hand sewn noses & antique boot button eyes………I am not sure what to call them yet…….I usually wait until I have done their heads to nameElna_7200_pro_quilters_dream_2 them, then they ‘speak’ to me………..it sounds pretty dumb, but lots of bear artists I know say similar things.

So this is the new toy it’s an Elna 7200 Quilt Pro & I really am quite excited about the possibilities.  It should handle everything that I Annemieke_meinsew in the way of garments, quite well, as well as having a wide opening for quiltingAnnemieke_mein_birds & a long table to add on when you are doing bigger quilts.  I have, for some time been very inspired by the work of Annemieke Mein, wanted to do some freehand embroidery, which this should handle like a dream (not sure about the operator, but the machine should be fine! LOL!)  This gorgeous old lady is a total wizard with embroidery and makes 3D works of art from her sketches & water washed paintings of things she Jan_beaney_treesobserves in nature.   I am not sure how I will go creating such reality as this, however, some other textile artists that I have seen that also do amazing work are the English artists  Jan Beaney & Jean Littlejohn.  Their work is different & special in another way.  Annemieke’s work is lush & subtle, Beaney & Littlejohn seem to use much more vibrant colours, that are brilliantly contrasted & complimented.  This is a pic of some detail from their ‘trees’ book.  Anyways……….I must away to the world of kitchens, & houses & customers………but I SOOOOO want to stay home & play with my new toy@!!!


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