16. Permission to Dream


Permission_to_dream_web I have not felt overly creative this week after a bout of serious illness at the end of last week, over the weekend & into the start of this week……..in thinking ab out it, I thought about something that I have long known & held to…..you have to give yourself Permission to Dream, in order to create.  Then you have to give yourself Space to Dream, to facilitate an actual creation happening.Space_to_dream_web  In your world…..is it ok just to spend time day dreaming & just allowing thoughts & creations to form???   Then when they do, do you allow your self to ‘muck up’ in order to discover & perhaps record them in some ‘draft’ form for later use?  While I KNOW that it is essential & I really can feel when I haven’t done it…..this isn’t always easy for me.  I am busy with my work a day world & owning my own business, there is always work at home…..(arghhhhh…..book keeping & accounts!!!)…. having my own art studio (it may only be a ‘desk or table space’ for you) has help immensely with this.  I can shut the door to my studio when I am working (to prevent paper assaulting me or a current project luring me in!!! LOL!!) & try to ignore the invoices & statements around me in the office, when I am in ‘art’ time.  Think of ways you can allow yourself to dream.  Within appropriate limits, I am attempting to turn my driving time into this.  I hate it with a passion and spend about 80hours a month commuting.  I have a SERIOUS problem with road rage & I want to work on it!  So I am trying to think of ways to channel the time into something productive & distracting…….I listen to books on tape, I make my phone calls, etc…….but they soon become ineffective……….I don’t want to ‘dream’ too deeply & run off the road, but I have bought a new little visual art diary to have in my console for when good ideas pop into my head! 

ps EVERYONE who knows me well, knows that my daily commute is the bain of my life.  I am just WAITING with baited breath for the day that they can truely ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’

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