A little PASSION


Passion_webChris Noonan, director of Miss Potter said in a recent interview ‘An artist expresses their psyche through their art’……. I have had that written on a slip of paper in front of my keyboard to ponder, ever since I heard it a couple of months ago.  I think that everyone expresses passion in their life…….but sometimes we just don’t recognize it for what it is.  There are  some ‘larger than life’ people who embrace the whole of life by who they are, however most people have the ‘thing’………..the ‘thing’ that makes them special & unique…….the ‘thing’ that is them……..the thing that is their ‘fingerprint on life’…………do you know what yours is?????  I am a in a bit of a ‘slump’ with my garden deco at the moment, & I have had this new ‘Scarlet’s Letter’ paper from Basic Grey nagging me ever since I bought it.  My art pal Nadine from The Scrapbook Scene http://www.thescrapbookscene.com.au/  recommended it (knowing I am a TOTAL Basic Grey Nutter) & this is what I came up with in my ‘altered dictionary’  My need for perfection tells me that my chalked hand writing looks dreadful…….& I should have used rub ons, & that the edges of my image are SOOOO white (they look worse in the scan than in real life) however, I am MAKING myself be casual with this book………it is my play book, where I have given myself permission to make mistakes & ‘not so perfect work.  This is hard for me……….because my art is who I am & how I feel

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