I found it in my Garden Deco


I have had to make a choice this week with what little time I have had available……..computer or art………I hate to leave you guys feeling neglected ………but ART won!!!  I have been working on pieces for a swap I am hosting with one of my online groups called ‘I found it in my Garden’.  I have already explored this as an ATC topic (when every thing came out ‘pear’ shaped LOL!!) This one is a ‘deco’ which essentially is a small booklet, with a number of pages joined in any manner of ways.  The swap consists of making a front & back cover, 6 ‘add ins’ or charms to attach, clip on or dangle……& then 6 pages made from 3 x 5 index cards.  I have a collection of old ‘jewelled’ clips that I am going to use to put them together.  There will be more more of this over the next few weeks……..here’s the booty from the last few nights……….the first 2 pics are the insides of the covers (3 1/2 x 5 1/2)Velvet_bell_web Thru_a_raindrop_web The ‘velvet bell’ as I call it pic on the LHS, it a tad more simple than I usually do, however it looks so beautiful just as it is, that I feel compelled to leave it.  Anything I put up to it just doesn’t seem to work.  Then…….. there’s a selection of charms & dangly ‘add-ins’ I have made to go on the covers & to be tied & clipped in.

Deco_charms_web The ruler is there just to give you an idea of scale, & they don’t have their ribbons & ‘attaching’ element hanging off them yet, however, this is my progress so far. I have used a combination of all sorts of things to create these, including orphan earrings, op shop finds, some Collections chipboard pieces & my old gardening dictionary & hand book..

Tonight I have been working on a fish pond!  Although it looks somewhat flat ,(obviously) the dragonfly is ‘off the page’ & wears coats of many colours including gold & copper spray paints, gold leaf, Jo Soyna paynes grey paint, & Kiddy glitter!

WOOOO HOOOO, what fun…………..hmmmmm………….back to the studio!!!



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