15. WIP or UFO


Passion_web When does a WIP (work in progress) become a UFO (un finished object)?????  This question has been posed by one of the people in one of my on line groups and I thought it was worth discussing a bit.

One artist said that a project/piece of art transforms from a WIP to a UFO exactly at the point that you would rather it disappear than you have to finish it!  That probably aligns with my own thoughts somewhat…….I currently have a few pieces on my workbench that I know I will get back to, but haven’t ‘found’ the right thing to go on with them these would include a deco I Lost_in_translation_webstarted while I was away in Tasmania at Christmas, the recent assemblage I made using Da Vinci drawings & a couple of inspirational bits that I know I am going to turn into something, I am just not sure what yet!  On the other hand, there are other things on my table that I know I ‘MUST’ do, and that’s where the inspiration flies STRAIGHT out the window!  I must admit, they are all a particular genre…….’scrapbooking’………which I have done in the past, but doesn’t hold any inspiration for me now.  As the resident family artist, and having made scrapbooks for a couple of people in our family & for 2 out of 3 of my kids……….there is an expectation of continuity! (time for ‘fessing up….I haven’t finished the kids ‘thankyou’ album from their wedding 18 months ago, let alone finished the little album I started for Princess ‘L’ 6 months ago……..OR EVEN COMMENCED anything for little Toby Caleb…..now 3 MONTHS old!) I guess the problem is that I MUST do them, so I don’t feel creative about them. 

UFOs are bad for your creativity because they constantly remind you of failure – get rid of them!  (WIPs are fine, as long as there is still a spark of hope that one day you will finish them)

Try to get rid of your ufos. (if you can, it will release you to go on & make other things).  Your headache will vanish & your back ache will lift as the weight vanishes from your shoulders.

As a case in point, I started the ATC’s above about 3 months ago out of scrap bits in my ‘bit’s box’ (I box I have nearby that I gather all my ‘post project’ offcuts & ‘bits’ in)  They were nearly there, but not quite finished.  I recently got some new Basic Grey rub ons (the loves of my art life….lol) & they we the unifying factor that made the composition come together…….. I then added some ‘Opalite’ stamping ink……& a couple of other bits & they were done.(keep reading below if you want to know more about this ink)

SO, the happy story is, forlorn looking bits can turn in to something beautiful in time if you still believe in them.  What are you hording that you just are not going to get back to????…………THE WORD………….GET RID OF THEM!

OPALITE Pigment Ink is a TSUKNEKO product that is a ‘Reflective Interference Ink’.  It is a pigment ink that appears colorless on the pad, but stamp into beautiful, reflective, iridescent colors. What this means is that it isn’t much of a colour by itself, but it adds an ‘opal’ effect over the top of other colours.  It comes in 9 colours, & looks much like H2O’s when it is applied, but you can ‘pat’ it on from the pad, it doesn’t need to be ‘brushed’ on.

They are particularly stunning on dark cardstocks & dark papers but they do show up on lighter cardstocks and leave a soft sheen on white.  Drying time varies depending on paper texture and weight.  Like all ‘pigment inks’ it takes a little while to dry but you can heat set it to speed drying time & you can also emboss it.

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  1. PS, I Love both cards, they are fantastic! Joyce
    thanks for your kind comments Joyce. Nice to see you visiting. xk

  2. Keron, I love this topic…
    UFO vs. WIP and particularly your advise about getting RID of those projects gone bad. I’ll be doing some cleaning I am sure! Thanks, JOyce

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