Rusty Things


The_door_no_5_webThe_key_to_danger_webThe_key_to_no_78_web The_key_to_life_web I am working on a new medium at the moment – oil paint!  My The_door_to_mystery_web_3The_key_to_a_broken_heart_web_5daugther has been working away at her skills with oils for some years now, the main thing that I dislike about them is the smell of the linseed oil that you use to ‘dilute’ the oil paint & make it workable.  Unlike the delicious ‘antiquing wax’ smell that I adore, this smell just about turns my stomach!  (I don’t think I have a long oil painting body of work ahead!)  I can hardly bear it.  But I like the depth & movement she creates with oil, so, for the 20th time already this year, in the name of stretching myself,  I am going to give it a go!  The atc’s I have pictured here were an experiment with tin, ferrous oxide & rusting solution.  Most of the bits on them are ‘found objects’ with the exception of the ‘lock’ which is Melissa Francis, sorry Melissa, it is probably bearly recognizable…….it has been ‘wire brushed & rusted’!).  The keys are all old ones I’ve found & have collected.


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