My first ARTfest started yesterday. (3 days of art at my home with some art friends.  It IS not classes…….it is sharing & doing together……… everyone learning off everyone else)   Already the first day has gone in a blur……..only a couple of hours until everyone is back for day 2.  Oh the wonders that are being created here!!!!  I can hardly believe my luck at being in the presence of such greatness!!!  I completed my Paris assemblage I have titled ‘Fond Memories of Paris’Fond_memories_of_paris_web . I have a little ‘Paris’ corner in our family room which I have various bit’s & pieces that reminds us of our 2003 trip.  When I had finished that, I started another one which I had originally The_miracle_that_is_life_webintended to be the ‘Grotto of St. Anthony’ as I described earlier in the week, however, it just didn’t take off for me & everyone has headed off on other just as interesting paths.  My second piece is called ‘The Miracle that is Life’ and centres around the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci.  His drawings of the ‘womb’ have always intrigued me & I am always drawn to anything in sepia tones.  At the moment it is looking predictably similar to the Paris one, however, it will evolve somewhat & these are the colours that I know I can live with for a long time. 

Like everything new, the first ARTfest has started off small, with only 3 participants & myself.  (in the future……….people will book a year ahead ‘cos they it’s SOOOOOO good & what we create here is SOOOO amazing!)    ALL OF THE SHOTS BELOW ARE MID PROCESS…… there is still work to finish today, however it gives you a sniff of what’s happening here. Lynne is creating this Morocan looking treasure chest with a bejewelled fairy in The_secret_stash_of_a_fariygold & rich teal which is lush & colourful.  It is going to be endowed with gold leaf as it goes along & is looking stunning.  Jenene is creating one of her masterpieces with one of her favourite subjects………..RUST………. The background Rusty_treasuresthat she painted was a work of art before anything else was even started!! (Jenene is a very accomplished watercolour artist)………… seemed a shame to cover it up!   Abby (my style hero) is creating an urban Junk_angelwonder!  Titled Junk Angel, she is working VERY hard to depart from her typical structured approach to her work.  I am not entirely sure how well this is working for her………….as this piece is SOOOO typically her (in all the right ways!)………………I love it…………esp. the wings……….

We finished off the evening with yummy dinner cooked by Abby & watching ‘Chocolat’ with Johnny Depp……….mmmmmmmmmmmm

I will post day 2’s progress tomorrow.


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  1. Dear Keron, Artfest March 07 has been just the best, have enjoyed great food, a little wine, beautiful movies, creative fun, & best of all, the company of wonderful people, thank you, thank you, thank you

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