Under Lock & Key


The_key_to_no_78_web The_key_to_life_web The_key_to_danger_web The_door_no_5_web The_door_to_mystery_web The_key_to_a_broken_heart_web Sorry, I have been a bit lazy the last couple of days……..long working hours & not a whole lot of art.  I have been preparing imagery & kits for our ARTFEST weekend starting tomorrow & running for 3 whole days…………the boys are off camping…..& I have the house to myself awaiting my art pals who are coming for the weekend.  Yay can’t wait to see all you gals in the morning!  We are working on 2 main projects…….an assemblage in a ‘memory box’ frame & commencing an altered book.  I am sur the book will have alot added to it over time…….but we will start it over the weekend.  The ATC’s pictured here are made on rusty iron with both metal & rusted chipboard embellishments all except one of the keys are original old ones & the lock is a resin scrapbooking embellishment from my dear friend Lynne that I have painted & aged.


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