14. IMAGERY – what do you want your art to say?


Child_angel_webHow do you chose the right imagery for your collage…….the type of image you use, totally changes the look & feel of what you are creating.  Take the two images here of angels.  The black & white image is a less formal view of angels that produces the reaction of awwwwwww…….isn’t that so cute/adorable/sweet…………. so depending on what you put with it, a composition can be directed to provoke this reaction from your viewer…..(cute/adorable/sweet).  Of course, you can use an image like this to create a juxtaposition, in the sense that if you had a very sombre verse, or a touching poem, or had used deep strong sombre colours……..(eg something about dying or death, or aging [believe me, THAT feels sobre somedays, as I squint at the screen!! LOL!] this could ‘soften’ the feel of your text to dampen some of the ‘sobre’ style of it. 

The coloured image has a more litergical, formal sense about it,Litergical_angels_web that implies perhaps religion, a more traditional sense of an angel, which would say a different thing altogether.  It is HIGHLY probable that if you wanted to use an angel image that either one of these would work (obviously depending on the size & colours you have used),  but they would give the viewer a totally different impression & illicit a completely different feeling when they look at your work.  For me………my compositions often are inspired by seeing an image that I just HAVE to work with.  (mind you, I am SUCH a FREAK, I droooooool over colour charts and colour books…….it’s a disease……….I am having shots for it……….LOL!!!……..alas it has always been so for me, so I don’t think there is a real lot of hope of being cured from this!!!) 

Often I contemplate it while I am working (how do you think that I come up with SUCH good room designs for my customers????  It is the influence of my art!) & think about where I would use it (in an art journal page?  on an ATC? [scale is always an issue with ATC’s], sometimes it is enough of itself to inspire a whole different style of project (I have just commenced my FIRST altered book as a result of finding an image that I couldn’t put down!)  Imagery surrounds us everywhere in advertising, signage, visual merchandising, packaging, promotional material, magazines (not just craft magazines), be on the look out for something that moves your soul!!  Somewhere_between_merge_web

This double page spread in my art journal ‘A Time in my Life’ was provoked by the finding of the card of the fat lady dancing. This page is actually a ‘life story’ page.  I felt as though I wanted to make a response to our ‘body & youth’ obsessed world.  It’s not an agressive statement, just a ‘I feel ok about me’ statement.  Which is actually only sorta true………..


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